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Best Buy Gift Cards Now 100% Paper

Just in time for the holiday season, Best Buy is proud to announce that 100% of our gift cards purchased in U.S. stores and online are now made of paper.

That means they’re recyclable in any curbside bin — a big win for the environment. We are one of only a handful of retailers to offer customers 100% paper gift cards.

This year we will have saved more than 70 tons of plastic from landfill (that’s the weight of about 35 cars)! It’s three times as much as we saved last year, when our plastic-to-paper transition was in progress.

In addition, we reduced the size of the gift card packaging by half.

Best Buy has partnered with paper mills for years to innovate on design, materials and production. Now we have a sturdy card made of FSC-certified paper (meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests) and water-soluble glue and ink.

Of course, if you want a zero-waste gift card, consider going digital. Our e-gift cards are easy to send, and the recipient can start shopping right away at BestBuy.com.


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