Best Buy Giving Partnerships

Best Buy provides funding to strategic national nonprofit partners that help us further our goal of providing teens opportunities to develop technology skills that will inspire future education and career choices.

After-School All-Stars – Established in 1991, After-School All-Stars provides free, after-school programs to low-income, inner-city youth across the country. Reaching 87,000 students at nearly 400 school sites with specific STEM program.

Black Girls CODE – Established in 2013, Black Girls CODE has grown from a 12-girl pilot project to serving more than 3,000 girls of color in 2014.  The mission is to increase participation of women and girls of color in the field of technology by facilitating early involvement and interest in the field, to move them from being consumers of computer technology to creators of it.

Common Sense Media – Established in 2003, Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the media and technology lives of kids and families.

FIRST – Founded in 1989 by inventor/entrepreneur Dean Kamen to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology.  Student participants, in K-12, master skills and concepts to aid in learning science and technology through innovative projects and robotics competitions, while gaining valuable employment and life skills.

GRAMMY Foundation – Established in 1989, GRAMMY Foundation’s goals are to: 1) promote the importance of maintaining music education as a core element of school curricula; 2) bring students together with working professionals for a “real life” exchange of information, insight, and inspiration; and 3) recognize excellence in school music programs nationwide.

MOUSE – Established in 1997, MOUSE programs are having an impact on over 4,200 students in 377 sites. MOUSE empowers underserved students to provide technology support and leadership in their schools, supporting their academic and career success.

Museum of Science/Intel Computer Clubhouse Network (ICCN) – Established over 20 years ago, ICCN is an international community of 100 Computer Clubhouses located in 20 countries.  ICCN provides ongoing professional development, evaluation and assessment tools for all eight Best Buy Teen Tech Centers.

National Urban League – Established in 1910, National Urban League (NUL) played a pivotal role in the 20th-century civil rights movement and has a Project Ready STEM program serving at-risk teens offering coursework through hands-on learning opportunities.

Science Buddies – Established in 2001, Science Buddies uses hands-on investigations to teach technology and science literacy by providing free project ideas, answers, and tools to a diverse audience of K-12 teachers, parents, and students.

Youth Radio – Established in 1992, Youth Radio is a media production company that trains diverse young people in digital media and technology. Partnering with industry professionals, students learn to produce marketable media for massive audiences while bringing youth perspectives to issues of public concern.