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Best Buy Home Theater Gets Even Better with LG Experience

Starting this week, there’s no better place to see the latest innovations – including OLED and SUPER UHD TV – that LG has to offer your living room than at Best Buy.

That’s because the first-ever LG Experience interactive display wall has arrived in nearly 400 Best Buy stores nationwide and it’s helping TV shoppers experience the latest TV technologies and find the TV that’s right for them.

TV technology is breaking new boundaries, and while exciting, these new features and “tech jargon” that comes with them can create a daunting landscape to navigate. It’s our job to help TV shoppers understand the benefits of these innovations – and the best way is through firsthand experiences.

The LG Experience at Best Buy is where shoppers can see for themselves dynamic displays of HDR, 4K Ultra HD resolution, OLED TV technology and advanced LCD/LED technologies (LG SUPER UHD) together in one interactive showcase and get the knowledge they need to feel confident in their purchase.

For those who aren’t quite sure what High Dynamic Range means, it’s a content format that delivers brilliant brights, darker darks and a wider palette of colors, for more true-to-life images. While 4K is about more pixels, HDR is about better pixels. Regardless of what your HDR content is, it’ll be optimized on an LG TV. It’s HDR done the right way, so consumers can access all the HDR content available today, and have the peace of mind that their TV will handle new content to come.

The LG Experience offers interactive demos of both 4K Ultra HD and HDR content on both LG OLED TVs – hailed by experts as one of the best displays ever – and LG SUPER UHD TVs, LG’s most advanced 4K LCD/LED TVs ever with a billion rich colors. Plus, LG experts will be onsite to help shoppers feel confident when it comes to choosing their next TV so they can spend less time shopping for their TV and more time enjoying it.

-David VanderWaal is the vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA