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Best Buy Revamps Geek Squad Support Services

New plans give consumers unmatched help and expert advice for their computing needs, in-store and online

Technology has changed the world but knowing how to keep it all working – or even get the most out of it – isn’t easy. The fact is, as much as we love our technology, many of us could use some help with it. That’s where Best Buy and Geek Squad come in. We are the technology experts who can help you set up your technology and the one-stop shop you can turn to when something goes wrong. We are always there for you, whenever and whenever you need us.

This level of service now gets even better as Best Buy introduces new and more convenient Geek Squad protection and service plans for our customers. Three new plans represent the next evolution in how we help our customers fully experience the benefits of their technology, assisted by “anytime and anywhere” support from Best Buy and Geek Squad:

  • Geek Squad Protect & Support Plus is a comprehensive service to help customers set up and make the most of any laptop, desktop or tablet sold at Best Buy. We will provide unlimited assistance online, in-store and by phone for problems related to the device or its software. At the same time, this plan will give you confidence that your computer or tablet is protected from accidental drops, spills and cracks with Accidental Damage & Handling (ADH) coverage. All this comes in one convenient, competitively priced plan.
  • Geek Squad Protect & Support offers the same benefits as Geek Squad Protect & Support Plus, without ADH coverage from accidental drops, spills and cracks.
  • Geek Squad 24/7 Support provides unlimited assistance online, in-store and by phone for help with any laptop, desktop or tablet purchased at Best Buy or anywhere else. While our Geek Squad Protect & Support plans cover software and device-related issues, this plan only addresses software-related problems and provides service to customers looking to make better use of their computers or tablets.

These new offerings – Geek Squad Protect and Support Plus and Geek Squad 24/7 – are part of our determination to provide world-class customer service. This passion comes to light every day in our stores through group classes and one-on-one trainings on topics ranging from DSLR cameras to Windows 10 for customers interested in learning more about their technology.

The fact is Best Buy is always there to get you setup and running, and to protect and support your technology so that you can get the most out of it. We are helping millions of Americans each year, in our stores and in their homes, and we look forward to helping you too.

More details about the new Geek Squad services are available at http://www.bestbuy.com/site/electronics/geek-squad/pcmcat138100050018.c?id=pcmcat138100050018