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Best Buy Strengthens Commitment to Sustainability Through Paper Policy

Best Buy is currently evaluating potential new paper suppliers as a way of increasing the number of vendors we rely on beyond our current primary supplier, Resolute Forest Products, from which we intend to meaningfully shift business and require to provide Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. Our intention is to conduct business with companies that support sustainable forestry practices including those in the Canadian Boreal Forest.  Clear preference will be awarded to companies that have earned FSC certification.

Building on our commitment to sustainability and the principle of continuous improvement, Best Buy will strengthen our paper procurement policy to ensure suppliers meet specific requirements for management of natural resources while minimizing environmental and social impacts. This could include special attention paid to endangered forests and human rights.  It is also our intention to set forward-looking targets for increasing sustainable fiber use.  Throughout this process, which we intend to complete by spring of 2015, Best Buy will actively engage with a wide range of stakeholders so that we can fully meet our environmental commitments and accommodate our business needs.