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Born to Lead: Why Best Buy Recruits U.S. Veterans

When U.S. Army Reserve Sergeant Victor Hill returned from a deployment in Afghanistan, he struggled to find a job. Many prospective employers thanked him for his military service, but they disqualified him because of his lack of civilian qualifications.

Then he landed a job as a seasonal employee at his local Best Buy Mobile, a move that would pave the way for a bright future. Three years later, he’s now the general manager at Best Buy Mobile Store #1931 in Annapolis, Maryland, where he’s leading a team of a dozen people this Holiday season.

“I definitely learned a lot from the military that prepared me for retail and Best Buy in particular,” Victor said. “You learn structure, and you learn to adapt to constant change. You learn how to utilize every asset at your disposal, because, if you don’t, the mission might not be successful.”

Best Buy is committed to hiring more U.S. military veterans like him. As part of our Military Attraction Strategy, we recently participated in a Hiring Our Heroes event in Washington, D.C., and our talent recruiters have attended military career fairs and transition summits for service members seeking civilian employment across the country.

In addition, our Human Resources department has adjusted its lists of basic and preferred job qualifications to better recognize military experience. We’re also partnering with external experts to deliver the best orientation and retention programs for military hires.

“The men and women who serve our country are highly trained and disciplined, often possessing leadership skills honed through the most difficult of circumstances. They’re known for demonstrating perseverance and integrity,” said Carol Brown, director of retail talent acquisition for Best Buy. “Our hope is that they will view Best Buy as a place to continue the next phase of their professional journeys.”

 That’s good for Best Buy and good for the employees.

“Best Buy rewards hard work,” Victor said. “If you’re willing to invest yourself in Best Buy, in my experience, Best Buy is very willing to invest itself in you.”

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