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Campus finds: tech you didn’t know you needed

Now that you’ve got the college basics down, let Best Buy offer some tips for getting to the head of the class.

Whether you’re commuting around campus, styling your dream dorm room or optimizing your  study sessions, check out this tech to help you achieve an A+ semester.

Study smart

reMarkable paper tablet

Forgo traditional note-taking frustrations and replace it with a tablet that looks and feels like paper, with unlimited virtual pages, special tags and folders to keep organized. Plus, reMarkable tablets are now available in select Best Buy stores too, so you can see them firsthand.

Wavebalance Blue Light Reducing Glasses

Long days of studying and staring at a screen can fatigue your eyes and prevent you from doing your best work. So give them a rest! These blue-light glasses double as sunglasses to block harmful UV rays so your eyes are protected whether you are in the sun or staring at a screen.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Sip your coffee the way you like it with this temperature-controlled smart mug that keeps your hot drinks warm from the first to last sip. You can adjust the settings right from your phone to get your desired warmth right down to the degree, set a tea steeping timer, or personalize the smart LED to your favorite color.

Commute to campus

Aventon Aventure.2 Step-Over Ebike

Ride to class in style and without breaking a sweat. This e-bike offers top speeds reaching 28 mph and up to 60 miles in range, allowing you to maintain a natural ride and save your energy for class.

Segway F30 Electric Kick Scooter

Whiz around campus in this compact, electric scooter. Loaded with speeds reaching 15.5 mph and a Bluetooth locking system, it’s the perfect way to get from place to place. And with its foldable design, you can take it into buildings with you.

Shokz OpenMove Headphones

The Shokz open-ear headphones let you stay aware of your surroundings while jamming to music or podcast. They use an open-ear design that keeps it comfortable, while the battery lasts up to six hours.

Dream dorm room

Hatch Restore Sound Machine

You may be stuck with an early class, but this device makes it easy to tackle your mornings. Designed with 22 light colors, a robust sound library and default settings, the Hatch Restore wakes you up with light that mimics a natural dawn.

Govee Dreamview TV Strip Lights

Create the coolest dorm room on the floor with a TV light strip that matches the colors on your screen for enhanced viewing. And with smart voice control, you can use voice commands to manage your lights or sync them to your music for a vibrant light show.

Soundcore Sleep Earbuds

Block out the racket outside your door with these noise-canceling earbuds. They also track the duration and quality of your sleep, so you can also get an understanding of how you’re resting to better manage your slumber.

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