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Cleveland Teen Tech Center is filling the talent pipeline

When you think of tech jobs, it’s often the creators of products and services who come to mind – the programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

But tech jobs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are behind the scenes, but just as crucial, like repair technicians or quality control associates. Through our Best Buy Teen Tech Centers, we are preparing teens for all of the tech jobs of the future.

Our newest Teen Tech Center in Cleveland is doing just that. Regency Technologies, one of our longstanding electronics recycling partners, co-sponsored this Teen Tech Center, specifically with our Career Pathways program in mind. Career Pathways is a training program within our Teen Tech Centers focused on building both technical skills and workplace readiness, or “soft,” skills. The program culminates with a paid internship or workplace experience with a local employer. The goal is for teens to leave on a clear path for college or a career. 

For Regency Technologies, the Teen Tech Center is not only about giving back to the community, but it’s also about building a talent pipeline. Regency, a leader in IT asset management and recycling, relies on a skilled workforce.

“We’re facing difficult times in terms of finding good, quality technicians,” said Jim Levine, Regency’s president. “We’re thinking about this partnership with Best Buy as long-term — where kids who come into a Teen Tech Center can become technicians in the future who will help us further our mission every single day.”

Each of our 21 Teen Tech Centers has its own distinct personality, which stems from the city’s culture, the nonprofit host partner and the local companies that partner with our teens. From building 3D models for patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado to learning the ins and outs of the circular economy in Cleveland, we are helping shape the next generation of tech gurus.

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