Community Grants

The Community Grants Program has been sunset. Since its inception in 2007, the Best Buy Foundation is honored to have awarded over $25 million to community-based organizations. The decision to end this program was not an easy one and we would like to thank you for your partnership. Over the years, Best Buy and the foundation have focused in on our philanthropic purpose of building brighter futures through technology. As we have become more targeted, we have also created an ecosystem of programs that support our mission. To learn more about these programs, click here.

As we advance, Best Buy will select its community partners through an invitation-only application. Where there is a fit, previous grant recipients will be invited to apply for funding to be partners in our new engagement pilot program. Criteria for the pilot program include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivering program content from a Best Buy identified partner.
  • Working with schools and other community-based organizations to build awareness of the program to drive youth participation.
  • Ensuring access to teens from disinvested communities.
  • Identifying and committing programming staff to participate in train-the-trainer sessions being facilitated by national non-profit organization.
  • Working in collaboration with the national curriculum partner to provide on-the-ground support to youth participating in the program.
  • Enabling participation of Best Buy employees to serve as volunteers.
  • Participating in and/or supporting evaluation efforts, including interviews with key program staff, youth participant surveys (including collection of consent forms from participants’ parents/guardians).

Thank you so much for being so patient as the team worked through this decision. We wish your programs much impact and success in the future.

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