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Employee finds Best Buy the perfect place to prep for law school

There are a lot of things that can be gleaned from a fast-paced, dynamic retail environment. For Najeebah Hussain, working at Best Buy during her gap year between college and law school helped prepare her for her next chapter in some unexpectedly valuable ways.

In addition to studying for the LSAT and applying to schools, Najeebah’s role as a computer sales consultant at the Best Buy store in Columbia, Missouri, helped strengthened the skillset she’d need as she pursued a career in law.

From learning about modern technology and innovations — which piqued her interest in intellectual property law — to gathering information in a natural, “real-world” context that helped her make recommendations to customers (and, in turn, identifying and building arguments for her LSAT prep), many different aspects of Najeebah’s job at Best Buy came together to help her focus on what she wanted next.

Working at Best Buy also taught her to have patience and empathy in her interactions with others.

“I just smile and try my best to find the best solution for them that I can,” Najeebah said. “I’ve met customers who have felt comfortable enough around me to tell me about the struggles they’ve gone through, and this has helped me to develop empathy for when I help clients as an attorney.”

Najeebah’s passion for technology and her ability to connect with customers do not go unnoticed.

“She has become more confident in communicating and building meaningful relationships with customers, while helping them find solutions for their technology needs,” said store General Manager Mark Flakne.

A lifelong love of learning

Najeebah’s parents grew up in Bangladesh and have always stressed the importance of working hard and pursuing a good education.

“My dad went back to school when he was in his 50s to work on his PhD, so he inspired me to not be afraid to take a break before finishing school,” Najeebah said. “I’ve always worked very hard in school and owe it to my parents for instilling in me a lifelong love of learning.”

Taking a gap year also gave Najeebah time to pursue personal interests, like taking bass guitar lessons. “I love that I’ve been able to make time for this kind of personal growth,” Najeebah said.

Najeebah’s hard work paid off, and she received a scholarship to law school. While she’s learning about law, Najeebah will continue working at Best Buy seasonally.

One goal Najeebah has for when she graduates is to give back to underrepresented communities.

“I would love to work with people from those communities because I think everyone should pursue their creative and entrepreneurial dreams,” Najeebah said. “In doing so, I hope I can slowly help increase diversity in the worlds of art and business as well.”


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