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Employees Get Paid Time Off to Work at the Polls

This year, for the first time, Best Buy is giving our employees paid time off so they can volunteer at official polling stations across the country on Election Day. 

It’s part of our broader commitment to support all employees however they choose to participate in the day, whether that is through voting or volunteering to have their voices heard. We’ve also announced that our stores won’t open until noon local time to ensure employees can exercise their right to vote, if they choose.

There is a shortage of poll workers this year amid the COVID-19 crisis. To address this need, election officials across the country have been recruiting low-risk individuals to volunteer.

Those volunteers will help keep polling sites open and handle the expected demand for in-person voting. They’ll be responsible for tasks such as setting up and preparing the polling location, welcoming voters and issuing ballots.

With Election Day just around the corner, we talked to a few employees to learn about why they decided to volunteer.

Wesley Wright, social media specialist (Richfield, MN)  

“I’m volunteering as a voting judge this year to motivate and encourage my community to aid in moving the needle and affect change in a positive manner. This new benefit assures me that the company recognizes the importance of every person having the opportunity to have their figurative voice heard. Plus, as a Black man in America, it reminds me that my vote and voice can truly matter when I take actions to amplify it.”  

Chris Doward, general manager (Concord, NH)

“This benefit from our company allows us to help in the process of democracy, no matter the role we participate in that day. And now we can do it without the risk of losing hours. I, personally, volunteer to help make an impact in my community, as it gives me a sense of civic pride that my time helps create a future for my friends and family.”

Sydnee Cotter, store associate (Mobile, AL)

“The ability to have your voice heard is one of the most important aspects of being an American citizen, and voting is a right I am proud to have. I have always wanted to work at the polls but found that I normally am unable to because of my work schedule. This new Best Buy employee benefit allows me to not only have the time off necessary to work the polls and help get out the vote, but also ensures that I will not lose hours for helping out my community.”

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