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Employees Tie the Knot Inside Indiana Best Buy Store

There’s that old wedding saying about something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Well, this couple had plenty of blue. They got married in a Best Buy store.

Caleb Mace and Taylor Spurlock exchanged vows Thursday evening in the warehouse of the store where they both work in Muncie, Indiana.

Why there? “It is special. It is where we met,” Taylor said. “We like it here.”

The couple admits they’re not traditional and didn’t want a big wedding. “We’re young, and we don’t have a lot of money,” Taylor said.

They tried to have a simple ceremony at the courthouse, but the county no longer does weddings. So, Taylor’s mom threw out the store as a possible venue. The couple shared the idea with their managers, who ran with it.

Their fellow employees built a backdrop of pallets and hung sheets to cover the shelves of inventory. They strung lights and set out chairs. Strips of blue LED lights outlined the aisle, while a flat-screen TV played a slideshow with pictures of the couple.

The nearly two-dozen attendees included immediate family members and co-workers (some of whom timed their breaks to be able to attend). They watched as Taylor, in a dress and boots, and Caleb, in a jacket and bowtie, exchanged vows and rings. Caleb’s cousin presided over the ceremony.

“Everything just turned out perfect,” said Amanda Kistler, Caleb’s supervisor.

‘Literally inseparable’

The couple first met while Taylor, 26, was working as a cashier and Caleb was shopping. A mutual friend introduced them. Caleb, 25, already had applied for a job at the store, and a month later he started working in the warehouse.

Taylor said there was chemistry right away, but she had never dated anyone she worked with. After a few months, she finally agreed to go to dinner and movie.

“We’ve been together ever since,” she said.

Amanda, Caleb’s supervisor, described the couple in two words: “Literally inseparable.”

So much so, the couple earned a nickname from their co-workers: “Tayleb.”

They dated for more than a year. Their engagement, however, was only about seven days. Now, who proposed to whom depends on who you ask. Either way, both said the decision to say “yes” was easy.

“I’ve known for a while I was going to marry her,” Caleb said. “It didn’t matter where.”