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EMT-certified Agent helps fellow Agent at crash scene

Geek Squad Agents Lizandra Hernandez and William Lomeli were driving between house calls in Fresno, California, one morning in early June when they came upon a crash involving a car and a motorcycle at a busy intersection.

First responders hadn’t arrived yet, so Lizandra — a certified EMT — took charge. She jumped out of the Geek Squad van and began to assess the condition of the motorcyclist.

While checking for life-threatening injuries, she asked the man to remove his jacket. She noticed he was wearing a white, short-sleeved shirt and a black tie.

“I said, ‘Hey, do you happen to be a Geek Squad Agent?” Lizandra said.

Sure enough, he was.

‘Do my toes still work?’

The motorcyclist, Geek Squad Agent Zach DiMartino, was on his way to work at the Best Buy store in Fresno when the crash occurred. He fell hard to the pavement, with the motorcycle landing partially on top of him.

“Once I hit the ground, I started going through a mental checklist. ‘Do my toes still work? Can I still feel my fingers?’” he said.

Lizandra was there about a minute later.

“It was comforting to have someone who knew what she was doing at my side right away,” Zach said. “I didn’t realize she was a Geek Squad Agent until she asked me if I was. It made things slightly less traumatizing. It was something to laugh about.”

Lizandra stayed with Zach until firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene. She gave them her medical report, then she and Will left to return to work.

She also called Zach’s Best Buy store, where his co-workers were wondering why he hadn’t arrived for his shift.

‘She didn’t have to do that’

The paramedics took Zach to the hospital for additional testing. He had whiplash, a sore ankle and some back pain, but avoided any serious injuries. He was released several hours later and took about a week and a half off before returning to work.

Zach is thankful he was wearing full protective gear and that Lizandra stopped to help.

“She just saw me on the ground and responded, which was very heroic of her,” he said. “She didn’t have to do that. It was nice having someone come to my rescue.”

Lizandra, who hopes to someday go into the medical field, said she was just happy to help.

“I would have done it for anybody,” she said. “I think more people should just take a moment to help someone else in need.”


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