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Tech Tips: A playbook of everything to know ahead of the Big Game

The Big Game is right around the corner, and we know having the right tech can make all the difference when you’re watching your favorite team.

We checked in with Travis Miller, a Home Theater expert in Charlotte, North Carolina, to share some tips to remember when you’re upgrading your home entertainment experience in time for one of the biggest events in sports.


TVs typically come with nickel-sized speakers that direct sound downwards, meaning the standard TV sound isn’t always the best quality. Adding the right audio component can take your viewing experience to the next level and can even make It sound like you’re right there in the stadium.

“To start, I recommend thinking about a few questions,” Travis said. “What would you like it to feel like? Do you want to feel like you’re at the stadium? Do you want speakers behind and above you so that you feel immersed in what you are watching?”

The nice thing about sound is that it comes in all forms and fashion. Some soundbar options are sleek and modern, and other sound systems can be installed in a flush way that hides everything from the audience.


TVs also continue to get thinner, so many customers are surprised to find just how big of a TV they can fit in their room. Deciding what TV size you want for your viewing space is a key step for any customer.

“Environment is one of those things I talk about right away,” Travis said. “Your environment can help you determine the appropriate sized TV for your space.”

Other things to keep in mind with your environment are things like, the type of room setup, seating in the room and any natural lighting in the room. Figuring out the answers to these questions will help you narrow down your TV selection rather quickly.


Home theater systems are usually long-term investments, and one thing customers should also consider is the aesthetic they want to have in their home.

“Picture is only half the journey,” Travis said. “Outside of the Big Game, you should consider what you are streaming, watching and playing on your TV.”

Keeping in mind the content you enjoy at home goes a long way when upgrading your tech. For example, if you find yourself watching shows with dark lighting or playing games with a lot of moving parts at one time, you’ll want to think about the TVs black levels and refresh rate when shopping.


Travis says an idea that can easily slip under the radar when customers are shopping for a new home theater experience is considering a projector. Many customers focus on shopping for a TV, but as tech continues to change and develop, they might want to take a look at projectors.

“One of my favorite items right now is the ultra-short throw projectors that are available,” Travis said. “Ultra-short throw projectors can go into any space and requires no device mounting, so it gives customers the ability to make any room a home theater experience.”

Don’t forget these things

While TVs and sound systems are some of the first things customers need to think about when upgrading for the Big Game, they should also keep WiFi in mind and how strong the internet connection is in their entertainment space.

“Having a good Wi-Fi modem and router can set you up for a successful Big Game viewing party,” Travis said. “Whether you’re streaming the game, incorporating smart devices into your experience, or hosting a virtual watch party with friends, a good internet connection will go a long way.”

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