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Florida employee finds support, builds confidence through Unidos group

Editor’s Note: Best Buy is proud to celebrate Hispanic and Latin/x Heritage Month. Read on for the story of one of our employees. (Photo Credit Patrick Williams)

As a child, Judith was often teased by classmates for having lighter skin as a Puerto Rican girl.

While her family reassured her of her heritage and identity, it was difficult for her to feel like she completely belonged.

“I remember feeling annoyed and angry for not being Hispanic enough,” said Judith, who was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Orlando when she was 8.

Throughout her childhood and adolescent years, Judith worked through these feelings by journaling, attending therapy, and getting support from her loved ones. Now as an adult, she has found a community of Latino/a/x colleagues through Best Buy’s employee resource group, Unidos, where she feels like she truly belongs.

Everyone has made me feel welcome,” said Judith, a care specialist who has been with Best Buy for five years. “Even as a remote employee, I feel so connected to the community.”   

Unidos opens doors

Judith first learned about Unidos from a colleague. Intrigued by the thought of connecting with other Latino/a/x employees, she decided to join the online group and attend some events.

It felt like I found my people,” she said.

She started out attending meetings then naturally progressed to a support role for the group. Then, she began volunteering to lead events to help strengthen her public-speaking skills. 

“Not only was the group good for networking, but it gave me more confidence,” she said.

Patty, Unidos communications pillar lead and compensation associate manager, has noticed how much Judith has grown personally and professionally since joining the group.

“I have seen Judith blossom, go outside her comfort zone, and grow into a confident professional,” Patty said.

Sharing her passion

As Judith became more involved with Unidos, she wanted to share her passion for mental health with her colleagues.

In her teenage years, Judith continued to take charge of her mental health by seeing a therapist and using meditation apps.

Now with Unidos, Judith decided to co-host a gratitude series with another member about promoting positive mental health by sharing her journey and the resources that have helped her along the way.

“I’m an open book when it comes to my mental health journey,” she said.

Ana, Unidos chair and associate product manager, says she’s grateful for Judith being willing to share her story, skills, and talents with Unidos members.

“Judith has been a support to me personally,” Ana said. “She continues to demonstrate that mental health is an ongoing challenge and that she’s still on the journey.”  

By sharing her experience, Judith wants to help members of the Latino/a/x community talk more openly about mental health instead of sweeping it under the rug. She hopes that more of her family members and colleagues will prioritize their mental health.

“I am thankful to Unidos and this new generation for creating a safe space to talk about mental health,” she said.