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Five Takeaways from the Global Climate Conference

Laura Bishop spoke to educators from Climate Generation at COP21 about the role of business in climate change.

Just two weeks ago, 187 countries gathered in Paris and unanimously agreed to reduce their carbon emissions to confront climate change. I witnessed this historic achievement and returned home both energized and hopeful. Here’s why:

Our world is united.

This remarkable agreement resulted from the public and private sectors working together to forge a global pact to keep global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), with a target of below 1.5 C (2.7 F). Net zero emissions are the ultimate goal.

Long-term goals were set too.

As part of the agreement, countries will report on their progress with emissions reduction every two years and set new goals every five years.

Best Buy is helping lead where it matters most.

The agreement confirms that our commitment to carbon reduction is in lock step with what matters most.  Countries worldwide made carbon commitments, and by setting our own carbon-reduction goal of 45 percent by 2020, we are fully aligned with what’s right and meaningful to our customers, our business and the planet.

Youth and technology are key.

It became abundantly clear that future solutions for addressing climate change will come from technological innovation powered by our nation’s youth. Our partnership with Climate Generation will enable its network of education ambassadors to further enable young people to speak out about climate change.  And our ongoing teen programming, such as Geek Squad Academy and Teen Tech Centers, will further help youth use technology to help lead the way.

We have a unique contribution to make.

Best Buy has the unique ability to address this issue within our own business and for our customers.  We will continue to improve our operations to achieve our carbon goals, and we’ll also expand our renewable sourcing. Just as important, we’ll work hard to remain our customers’ trusted resource for sustainable solutions that can easily be adapted into their lives.