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Get More Garth: Exclusive Video Chat With Garth Brooks On Sept. 15

Join the fun with an exclusive video chat with Garth Brooks. 

Join Best Buy and Garth on Sept. 15 at 6 p.m. Central time as he talks about all things country music, his current projects and his first ever vinyl boxed set, “The Legacy Collection.” He’ll even answer questions from fans.

Head over to BestBuy.com now for all the details on “The Legacy Collection” and to sign up to receive a reminder for the livestream. Then come back on the big day to see Garth in action. It’s all possible through our partners at Talk Shop Live.

“The Legacy Collection” box includes five albums on seven vinyl records and seven CDs with bonus tracks. It’s available in three different options: Original AnalogDigitally Remastered and Limited Edition.

Now every fan can listen to their favorite Garth hits the way they want.