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Here’s How You Can Tech Green Every Day

Although Earth Day is a great time to think about our planet, at Best Buy, we are helping our customers live eco-friendly every day. From energy-saving products to our e-waste recycling program, we are all about offering our customers ways to tech green.

When it comes to purchasing sustainable tech, just look for the ENERGY STAR® mark. It means the products meet the highest standards of energy efficiency. It’s not just appliances that earn the ENERGY STAR mark, either. Some of the coolest smart tech for your home can also save energy.

Take smart thermostats for example. They learn your habits and only heat or cool your home when you are there. This can make a big difference on your energy bill, – up to12 percent on heating and 15 percent on cooling if you’re using a Nest thermostat.

Smart bulbs, like Philips Hue are another energy saver. Because they’re LED, they use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. You can make custom schedules so your lights are on only when you need them. They’re also dimmable and connect to your Wi-Fi, so they’re easily controllable from your smartphone.  

When it’s time to upgrade, first check out our Trade-In program to see if your tech has any value. If it does, we’ll give you a gift card. If not, we’ll recycle it responsibly. We run the most comprehensive e-waste recycling program in U.S. retail. We’ll take almost anything, no matter where it was purchased, or how old it is.  

You can even buy a new printer that was made with plastic collected through our closed-loop recycling program. The HP ENVY Photo 6255, 7155 and 7855 printers contain 20-30 percent recycled plastic by weight. Here’s another reason to recycle:  You’ll get 15 percent off the purchase of a new HP inkjet printer when you recycle an old printer.

Other energy-saving products might also come with rebates through your local utility company. Go to our online rebate finder, type in your zip code and see what your local utility currently offers. Best Buy offers two types of rebates — mail-in or instant.

Now you have a few ways to tech green this Earth Day and — every day.


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