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The ultimate guide to rebates at Best Buy

For years, Best Buy has partnered with utility companies across the country to provide rebates to our customers. With the help of the Best Buy rebate finder and the ENERGY STAR® mark, we aim to help our customers save money, use less energy and live more sustainably.

Why do utilities offer rebates?

Utility companies want their customers to use less energy. Many states have sustainability goals and require utilities to offer energy-saving programs to their customers. Reduced energy usage is also good for utility companies because the less energy people use, the fewer power plants utilities need to build (which is costly).

What products have rebates?

Rebates are available for product categories that offer the most energy savings, including models that are ENERGY STAR certified. Some of these products include smart thermostats, refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, washers, dryers, TVs, light bulbs and water-saving devices such as the Rachio smart sprinkler controller,

How can I find rebates at Best Buy?

The process for finding savings is easy. Simply go to the Best Buy rebate finder, type in your ZIP code and see what your local utility currently offers.

For larger products such as appliances, most rebates involve filling out an online form that is managed by your utility, then getting the rebate in the mail. Best Buy also works with utilities to offer instant rebates you can redeem either on BestBuy.com or in the store.

What about ENERGY STAR?

Rebates are offered for ENERGY STAR certified products, which are certified by the EPA to use less energy than standard models. And less energy equals big savings.

In 2020, our U.S. customers purchased more than 19 million ENERGY STAR certified products. Over the lifetime of the products, those customers will save more than $750 million on their utility bills and the products will provide 9.4 billion pounds of carbon emissions avoidance.

Click here to use our Best Buy rebate finder tool. Visit BestBuy.com to shop for ENERGY STAR certified products and other sustainable living products.