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Hoverboards Are Rolling Into Best Buy Stores

For the first time, hoverboards – or “self-balancing scooters” – are coming to U.S. Best Buy stores and BestBuy.com.

Swagway’s Swagtron hoverboards, the T1 and T3, will start to hit shelves in June. Pre-orders are available now on BestBuy.com.

Swagway is one of the first hoverboard brands to apply the new government-mandated UL 2272 safety certification mark. That means the devices have passed a level of safety standards verified by UL, an independent safety science company.

Hoverboards were all the buzz last year, but there were reports of safety concerns, including reports of the gadgets starting on fire. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission now requires all hoverboards to be UL certified.

UL 2272 testing covers the entire self-balancing scooter, including the rechargeable battery and charging system for fire and electrical safety.

It’s easier than ever to know if you’re shopping for a hoverboard that has met the UL safety guidelines. Just look for the UL holographic label and Enhanced Mark on the product.

“UL is encouraged that retailers are proactively sourcing and retailing products which have been tested and certified to the latest standards for electrical and fire safety. This allows consumers to purchase with more peace of mind,” said Jeff Smidt, Vice President and General Manager of UL’s Energy and Power Technologies division.

Best Buy is also offering a variety of Sector 9 protective gear, including helmets, wrist guards and knee and elbow pads, online at www.bestbuy.com/protectivegear.

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