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Electric Riding: How to make your commute more sustainable

Best Buy is proud of the hard work we’re doing to create a more sustainable world for our employees and the communities we serve. As we follow our path to be carbon neutral by 2040, we’re also making it easier for our customers to be more environmentally friendly.  

This Earth Month, you can take the first step towards a more sustainable commute, with our new e-transportation category.  

When it comes to showing off your ride, electronic modes of transportation are taking over the present and the future. With an electric bike, moped or scooter, getting from point A to point B is easy and enjoyable, all while reducing your carbon footprint. With a single charge, you can go the distance without worrying about air pollution or carbon emissions, making your mark (or lack thereof) on the world, one e-ride at a time. 

Not quite sure where to start? We put together some of the latest in e-transportation to get you cruising.  

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes such as the Bird A-Frame are a great alternative for making your commute more sustainable. Running on a rechargeable battery reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to keep your car in park. Whether its heading to work, running errands, or riding it for exercise, electric bikes can go a long way to make your life easier. 

Electric mopeds 

Want the look of a motor vehicle while reducing your carbon footprint? Electric mopeds typically offer a more cushioned seat and don’t require you to pedal while you ride.  

The SWFT MAXX eMoped can take you up to 38 miles on a single charge and charges fully in about 10 hours. Most mopeds also have front and rear hydraulics that ensure the maximum comfort during the entirety of your ride. 

Electric scooters 

Maybe you want a slimmer and sleeker ride?  If that’s the case, an electric scooter would be perfect. The Unagi Model One E350 is  lightweight at 26 pounds while still having 700 watts of power. 

And many electric scooters such as the Segway F30 Scooter offer three simple riding modes – making them great entry points for customers who are looking to make their commute more sustainable. 

Don’t forget your helmet 

Of course, you can’t forget your helmet while riding around. The Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet was designed for urban riding while keeping you safe. A built-in magnetic buckle offers a one-hand fastener guaranteed to leave your finger pinch-free. The dial fit system used with this helmet also allows you to be confident that your helmet is snug and secure. 


Need help with delivery and assembly? We’ve got you covered with our Geek Squad Services team. We’ll assemble it, inflate your tires and fine-tune it all. We’ll demonstrate how to make adjustments, go through a pre-ride safety check and answer any questions. If you are a new or existing Totaltech member you get this service free as part of your membership. 

Click here to shop our latest E-transportation products on BestBuy.com and keep an eye out this summer as we announce more exciting news around this lineup.