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Hubert Joly Opens Up About Diversity and Inclusion

Best Buy Chairman and CEO Hubert Joly welcomed the Twin Cities Black Affinity Network to corporate headquarters on Saturday for a conversation about diversity and inclusion.

“My purpose is to inspire people around me in a positive way and to use the position I have as a platform to create positive change,” Hubert told the crowd of about 250.

Part of that change is bringing more diversity to the workplace. “If we don’t embrace the richness of backgrounds and experiences, then it’s going to be a terrible world for individuals who feel excluded,” Hubert said.

That’s why he is committed to creating an open culture. In addition to welcoming the Twin Cities Black Affinity Network to campus, Hubert has signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge and recently took the ParityPledge™, promising to interview at least one qualified woman candidate for every position, vice president and above.