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It’s Big Game Time, Is Your TV Ready?

The Big Game is this Sunday, and thanks to today’s technology, you can feel like you’re in the stadium from the comfort of your home.

To show fans what’s possible for enjoying the game, Best Buy brought Tech Zone, a traveling trailer featuring today’s top tech, inside. It’s parked in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, home of this year’s game.

We chatted with former pro linebacker Ben Leber and Geek Squad Chief Inspector Nate Bauer for advice on how to be a pro when it comes to watching football.

What’s hot for watching the game this year?

Nate: The first thing to know is that a 4K TV is best for the Big Game. It has four times as many pixels, so it looks like you’re actually at the game. And the prices have come down, making it more affordable than ever. 4K TVs start at just $279. The Big Game won’t broadcast in 4K, but your 4K TV will still upscale to boost the picture. With 4K, whatever you’re watching — Blu-ray, DVD, streaming content or cable/satellite broadcast — is sharper, clearer and better than on a standard HDTV.

Ben, you played professional football. What strikes you about watching the game on TV after having been on the field?

Ben: The sharpness of 4K is amazing, but what really strikes me is the sound quality that’s available. You can hear the quarterback making an audible, the roar of the crowd and every big hit. It really adds to your viewing experience.

Nate: Right now, you can pick up a great soundbar for as low as $149, and bring that big-game sound into your living room.

It seems like TVs keep getting larger. Is that true, and how do I know what size to get?

Nate: Industry experts say to start at 50 inches if you’re hosting the Big Game so friends and family have the best viewing experience. If you buy a 60-inch TV, the best viewing distance is between 7.5 feet and 15 feet from the screen, so keep that in mind as you plan your tech setup.

Ben: Honestly, go big or go home.

Is this the best time of year to buy a TV?

Nate: It’s a great time to pick up a great TV. 4K TVs start at just $279, and a great deal right now is a 55-inch Samsung 4K for just $499. Even better, we’ll deliver any TV 51 inches or larger to you for free.


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