19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Learning New Family Tech with Geek Squad at Engadget Expand

A piano made out of bananas. A Play-Doh Tetris game. A whisk and pie-tin drum set.

Visitors to the Engadget Expand event in New York City over the weekend got a chance to experience unique technology for the family at an exhibit staffed by local Geek Squad Agents and Best Buy Blue Shirts.

Geek Squad was there to show visitors some cool – and fun – things that can be done with technology, and show off Geek Squad Academy, which seeks to inspire young people through technology. Expand NY is an interactive experience that draws thousands of tech fans of all ages every year. It’s sponsored by popular technology blog Engadget.

Instead of demonstrating how a banana piano works from behind a table, visitors were invited into the exhibit space to experience two activities that are popular at Geek Squad Academy: Makey Makey and SketchUp. Makey Makey lets users build a working piano keyboard from various household items and SketchUp is a 3-D modeling program that lets users build their perfect home with shapes and other creative touches.

The exhibit was ”entirely packed all day,” said Agent William Woodworth. ”We were definitely a unique attraction at the event.”

For more information on Geek Squad Academy, visit: http://academy.geeksquad.com.