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Live Healthier At Home, With Tech

With millions of Americans finding themselves doing nearly everything under the same roof because of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s become more important than ever to find ways to maintain our health and wellness from the comfort of home.

Best Buy In-Home Advisor Michael Clark is just the guy to help show us how technology can help us not just survive, but thrive. He has visited upward of 3,000 homes over the past six years to help people understand how technology can enhance their lives.

Here are some recommendations from Michael and his colleagues.

Catch some zzz’s

Sleep is key, and getting a good night’s rest can actually start hours before hitting the hay.

Michael says products like Phillips Hue Smart Lighting can help. You can change the warmth and dim the brightness (“color scenes”) using the app to create a calm ambiance. And he likes that if you have these items connected to a virtual assistant, it’s even easier: You can control them with your — yawn — voice.

In the wee hours of the night, lighting activated by motion sensors can also help you safely make your way around the house for trips to the restroom. That way, you don’t need to turn on lights so bright they might wake others or make it difficult to fall back asleep.

Michael also recommends the Philips Smart Sleep Deep Sleep Headband, which can help improve sleep quality and, in turn, increase energy, boost alertness and reduce daytime sleepiness. Along with fitness trackers and mobile apps, it can also help you understand sleep patterns and other metrics, so you know how restful your rest really is.

Move and groove

Michael points to Apple Watch and Fitbit as two of the most popular devices for tracking physical activity. He uses his to virtually connect with people in his life — something that comes in handy with so many people keeping close to home.

“I personally use the Apple Watch for fitness to connect with my friends and family,” he said. “We compete with each other on who is going to finish what accomplishment or ring first!”

There are many ways to keep physically active, from taking simple walks and runs  to using connected fitness equipment like those from NordicTrack and Hydrow that deliver gym-like experiences from home.

Michael also recommends using smart TVs — or TVs made smart with streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV StickApple TV and Roku — as convenient venues for taking in video workouts. And once you’ve worked up a sweat, Hyperice fitness recovery devices can help you ice, heat or massage pain points away.

Eat well

Being at home more means eating at home more, and small specialty appliances are a great way to incorporate healthy eating. In fact, you can get restaurant-like results without leaving your own kitchen.

“You can pack a lot of nutrition in a smoothie and even get it to be seed-free with a Vitamix or Blendtec blender,” Michael said.

In addition, air fryers are great options for achieving crispy, lower-fat foods than using traditional fryers. And there’s one more handy benefit.

“They’re also very easy to clean up!” Michael said.

Finally, no matter how you’re using your home these days, and whether you live with a houseful or in solitude, technology can be a good daily companion. Use voice assistants to set reminders for you to take breaks. Ease your tired eyes with screen protectors. And if your home has also become your workplace, make sure you’re set up to be productive while being ergonomically comfortable.

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