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Maryland employee has young customers dialed in

Any parent can tell you that shopping with kids in tow isn’t exactly relaxing. But one intuitive employee can make all the difference.

Just ask Abigail Rogers, a mom who was shopping for phones at the Best Buy store in Frederick, Maryland, with her two young daughters. She took to social media to recognize store associate Gael Alexis for “what could/should/would have been a dreadful and painful experience” that turned out “delightful” for everyone involved.

All because Gael knows her stuff when it comes to technology — and kids.

“She concisely and accurately helped me understand the different phone models, while simultaneously distracting and entertaining both of my daughters,” Abigail wrote. “Best Buy, you have a PHENOMENAL employee in Miss Gael. Please know what a delight she is!”

What Abigail called “above and beyond” is typical of Gael, says store General Manager Denny Resumadero. “She really loves to develop a great relationship with customers. She has two kids of her own and loves when kids are in the store.”

So when little Annie Mack and Ellen got a bit rambunctious while their parents shopped, Gael got creative.

“I told their mom not to worry, that I have kids of my own,” Gael said. “I let them bounce around the store, we talked about Halloween costumes, I got them treats, and they helped me scan all the product barcodes. The kids were in their own little world doing their own stuff.” 

On the encouragement of a friend, Gael joined Best Buy last year as a seasonal employee at Store 1886 in Brooklyn, New York. She quickly discovered she didn’t want to leave the company when the holidays ended, and within a month was offered a permanent position at the store. Then, earlier this year, Gael and her kids moved to Maryland, and she requested a transfer to the Frederick store because she knew she wanted to continue working for Best Buy and doing what she loves.

“It feels great to know that you’re helping someone and giving them good service,” Gael said.


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