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Mom, son work side-by-side on busy night at Best Buy

In many ways, Jackson Tuneberg’s first Thanksgiving night shift as a Blue Shirt was exactly like you’d expect.

“It was crazy!” he said. “And hectic, and amazing and fun.”

What Jackson didn’t expect was having his mom, Heidi, as a co-worker for the night at his Minnesota store.

Best Buy has a Holiday Helper program that lets corporate employees like Heidi, a senior director in creative services, volunteer in stores during the busy season. “When I told Jackson that I got approval to work at his store, he asked, ‘Can I be your boss for the night?’” Heidi said.

Coincidentally, she was placed in the same section of the store with her son. “I put her on duty for rearranging video games and returning inventory to the correct spot,” Jackson said.

Heidi quickly learned just how busy things can get. “I’ve been a Holiday Helper before, but never on Thanksgiving night,” she said. “Employees physically do not stop moving, and they have 100 different questions coming at them, but everyone was calm, cool and smiling.”

Jackson said it was fun to see his mom in that environment. “I would be OK with making this a new holiday tradition,” he said.

Heidi agreed, noting that she’s thankful for the opportunities at Best Buy. “I work at a place I love. My son works for the company I love, and he got to be my boss for the night! That is something he and I can always look back on, and it will put a huge smile on our faces,” she said. “The way we see it, our family didn’t give up any traditions, we just changed up traditions.”


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