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New Eco Home Consultations Show You Ways To Live More Sustainably

Amid the pandemic, millions of people have found themselves spending more time at home — and, as a result, more money on their energy and water bills. That’s led many to think about how to make their homes more eco-friendly, and now Best Buy Home Experts can help them do that.

Best Buy Home Experts are a team of specially trained experts who can help bring your tech or appliance dreams to life, no matter how big or small. They’re available for free and safe consultations when and where you want, whether that’s at a Best Buy store, in your home or by chat or phone.

And starting in April, they’ll be able to help you go green with an eco home consultation.

From tips on sustainable living to recycling and eco-friendly products, our experts will show you all the ways to save time, energy, water and money while you work, learn and entertain from home.

Small decisions like these make a big difference — for your wallet and for the planet. And our new eco consultations help you do both.

This program is part of Best Buy’s broader efforts to help our customers reduce their own carbon footprints. By 2030, we’re committed to reducing emissions for our customers from the products we sell by 20%, saving $5 billion in energy costs.

We spoke with Home Expert Hannah Klesmith to find out what kind of expert advice you can expect when you book an eco home consultation.

Out with the old

Hannah’s first question is always about the age of the technology and appliances in your house. That’s because energy efficiency can drop significantly due to aging parts, malfunctioning controlling devices and bad seals.

“A lot of people have tube TVs, and those are energy hogs,” she said.

Upgrading those products might cost you upfront but will save you money in the end. For example, smart thermostats typically pay for themselves in under two years.

Work smarter, not harder

It’s not just smart thermostats that make a difference. Converting to a smart home provides long-term savings across the board.

Automated lights and sprinkler systems are not only good for the environment, but they also save money.

“How many people have kids who leave lights on upstairs?” Hannah asked.


To get the most out of upgrading to new appliances, Hannah advises her clients to look for ENERGY STAR® certified products, which use less energy than standard models.

“New ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers save 3,873 gallons of water over their lifetime,” she said. “That’s huge.”

Those savings convert easily to dollars. An ENERGY STAR certified washing machine, for example, can save $370 in energy costs over the lifetime of the product.

Click here to sign up for a free in-home consultation. Learn more about products that are designed for sustainable living here.