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New Voice Shopping Features Available at Best Buy

Just in time for the holidays, there’s a new way to shop the Best Buy Deal of the Day, and it’s as easy as saying, “Alexa, talk to Best Buy.”

Starting today, Best Buy customers can learn about and order Best Buy’s Deal of the Day products on an Amazon Alexa device. Shoppers can also buy from a tailored list of recommendations that is based on their needs and taken from Best Buy’s full assortment of laptops and TVs.

Voice technology is one of the most exciting new tech trends, letting customers do everything from turning off the lights to getting traffic updates. It’s why we’re exploring these new voice shopping features, and why we added new Amazon Alexa and Google Home experiences in about 700 of our stores earlier this year.

Voice Shopping

To use this new feature, all you have to do is add the Best Buy skill to your favorite Alexa device via the Alexa app or Alexa skill store, log in with your Best Buy account, say “Alexa, talk to Best Buy” and you’re on your way.

This isn’t our first time exploring voice assistant technology. We started with Google Home last month in Canada that lets users hear sales, learn more about various products, and find their nearby store via the Google Assistant.

We’re all about customer choice

This new capability is just the latest example of how Best Buy is trying out new ways to help our customers shop how, where and when they want to – making shopping for tech easier and even more fun. (Another example: offering our customers free shipping on everything all season long, and expanding the number of cities where we offer same-day delivery.)

It’s also one way we’re delivering on our Best Buy 2020 strategy that we laid out in September: to evolve what we sell, and, in this case, how we sell it.

We’ll continue looking for new, meaningful voice shopping features to bring to our customers. We’re starting with this skill, and these select products, to learn more and give customers one more way to shop at Best Buy – but there will be more to come!