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Oh Babies! Agent Adjusts to Life as Father of Quadruplets

At first, Geek Squad Agent Joe Odom and his partner, Danielle Thrasher, were thrilled that they were going to have a baby.

Then they had an ultrasound, and it looked like Danielle might be carrying two babies.

“She said, ‘We’re having twins, I told you,’” Joe says. “I said: “No we’re not. Calm down honey, we’re going to have a baby.’”

At the next ultrasound a week later, things had changed. “They said, ‘yep, you’re going to have triplets,’” Joe says.

Spoiler alert: They had quadruplets — all girls.

On Aug. 17, Danielle gave birth to Zoey, Lyla, Maya and Arya. All were under three pounds.

The girls are still in the Noblesville, Indiana, hospital where they were born at almost 28 weeks, but they’re on track to come home around their scheduled due date in mid-November.

“They’re right where they should be for size,” Joe says. “Three of them are growing super fast, one is a little slower. There’s always good days and bad days. You keep praying and, so far, nothing major has come up.”

Quadruplets without fertility treatments is rare

Danielle, who met Joe when they were both working at Best Buy, took about a month to recuperate from the C-section and is close to 100 percent recovered.

She had the quadruplets without any fertility treatments — a one-in-700,000 longshot, according to experts.

“We live in a one bedroom apartment,” Joe laughs. “We weren’t going to do anything to try to have more than one baby.”

Joe says his colleagues at the Best Buy in Noblesville have been rock stars, coming through with loads of diapers and plenty of moral support.

“The support has been amazing,” he says. “We’re super thankful and very appreciative. I’ve been blown away by how much they’ve helped us out.”

A Go Fund Me page is raising money to help with medical bills and provide updates on the girls’ progress.

The growing bills are also one of the reasons Joe and Danielle have had to put their wedding plans on hold, which Joe says is especially hard.

In the meantime, though, Danielle will keep heading to the hospital to feed the girls, and Joe will go as often as he can to marvel at the miracle of his daughters, who, he says, “are strong and tough and fighting every day.”