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Pizza and Tech: A Winning Combo For Your Big Game Party

A big game, a big pizza and a big TV. That combination is a party ritual for many Americans when pro football’s top two teams meet for the title.

Technology will make watching the gridiron action (and the ads) this Sunday even better. Millions of us will use phones and other devices to order pizza while enjoying the Big Game on the hottest TVs. We teamed up with Domino’s to help you take your hosting game to the next level.

Time for a TV upgrade

This is one of the best times of the year to buy a new television. Great deals are still available as the Big Game nears.

It’s all about 4K UHD, the next evolution in TV technology. These TVs are four times sharper than HDTV with 8 million pixels that create a sharper, clearer and more lifelike picture.

And then there’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which gives you more colors and contrast. The broader array of colors creates images with more color shades for the most vibrant picture.

Smart TVs put the internet at your fingertips on your big screen. They let you watch everything from Netflix to YouTube with the push of a button. They even allow you to Skype with family and friends. If you have Chromecast in your TV and a Google Home voice assistant nearby, you can simply say, “OK Google, play football highlights on YouTube,” and it will start playing on the screen.

As for TV screen size, industry experts suggest starting at 50 inches to ensure everyone can see the game action. (This tool can help you pick the perfect TV.)

These new TVs are thinner than ever, and that means the speakers are smaller than ever, too. Consider audio options like a soundbar and subwoofer to hear the game as well as you can see it.

Pizza, yes pizza, goes high tech

So you’ve mastered the TVs, now let’s talk food.

Big Game Day is one of Domino’s busiest days of the year. In fact, the company is about five times busier than on a typical Sunday. Expecting to sell more than 12 million pizza slices and 4 million chicken wings nationwide, Domino’s will double up delivery and in-store teams.

Domino’s is focusing on technology innovation to make the customers’ experience as convenient as ever. That’s why the company launched AnyWare, innovative technology that lets customers order from wherever they are, at any time, using their favorite device.

Domino’s customers who have a Pizza Profile can use Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Apple Watch, text, tweet, emoji and more to place their Easy Order or most recent order, so they won’t miss any of the game or even have to leave their couch.

If you don’t have a Pizza Profile, no worries. Now anyone can submit any order they’d like on Facebook Messenger using Dom, Domino’s ordering assistant bot. Visit AnyWare.Dominos.com to learn about how you can place your Big Game pizza orders.

With a new TV and easy ordering, the only thing to think about is what kind of toppings to put on your pizza.


Remember, you can always have Geek Squad install your home theater system. Agents will also deliver, install and/or mount and set up your TV and optimize your Wi-Fi network for all of your smart devices.