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Pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note9 at Best Buy starting Aug. 10

Samsung introduced the newest member of the Galaxy smartphone family today, the Galaxy Note9.

The flagship phone will be available for pre-order on BestBuy.com and at your local Best Buy store starting Friday, Aug. 10. The phone arrives Aug. 24.

Pre-order on a Verizon, AT&T or Sprint plan and you can save up to $200 with qualified activation at Best Buy.

Unlocked customers can save big, too. Trade in an eligible smartphone at a Best Buy store and get up to $450 toward the Galaxy Note9. Best Buy also offers 24-month financing with a My Best Buy Credit Card for unlocked customers (check BestBuy.com for more details).

The 128GB Galaxy Note9 is available at Best Buy stores and the 512GB version is on BestBuy.com and in select stores. Unlocked customers can find the 512GB Galaxy Note9 in select stores and online.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 features

  • Color: Samsung’s flagship phone will come in two new colors: Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple.
  • Battery Life: A battery that gives you long-lasting power to use all day.
  • S Pen: With Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) support, you now have a remote to control your music, change presentation slides and take group photos (selfies, too!).
  • Intelligent Camera: You’ll be notified if an image is blurry or if one of your friends blinked.
  • Display: Galaxy Note9 has the largest edge-to-edge display among the Note devices, and the stereo speakers tuned by AKG with support for Dolby Atmos add immersive sound.


For more information on the Samsung Galaxy Note9, stop by your local Best Buy store or visit BestBuy.com.