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Prepare for the ‘Pollen Tsunami’ with Air Purifiers from Best Buy

It’s a new term, but it’s not going away, as the “Pollen Tsunami” is just getting started. We have the brutally cold winter, topped with plenty of precipitation, to thank for the later-than-usual allergy season.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recently released its list of five most challenging places to live with allergies. Jackson, Mississippi; Louisville, Kentucky; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Memphis and Knoxville, Tennessee, top the list. Cities in the Northeast and Upper Midwest are also ranking high on that list.

The good news is, Best Buy carries air purifiers to help you get through. After all, it’s the dirt and dander in your house that can make you sneeze as much as that pesky pollen. Opening windows to circulate air isn’t an option for those suffering from outdoor allergies.

Best Buy carries air purifiers from a variety of vendors, including Germ Guardian, Honeywell and Sharp.