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Raise Your Glass! It’s Wine Time

Celebrating holidays such as “National Wine Day” and “National Rosé Day” has become trendy over the past few years among those who love the grape because, well, who doesn’t love a reason to host a party? But there’s more to it than popping corks and pouring glasses. 

Best Buy Blue Shirt Gabe Reece, a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast from Indianapolis, is passionate about teaching customers the essentials for the best vino experience. He has a few tips for getting the most out of every glass:

Proper wine storage

The most basic consideration is proper storage at the appropriate temperature — around 55 degrees Fahrenheit — Gabe says. Back in the good old days, major wine-producing countries like France, Italy and Australia stored their stock underground. What started out as convenience turned out to be the perfect storage temperature to keep air in the bottle at a self-sealing level. Don’t have an underground cellar? No worries. Frigidaire and Insignia make coolers that come in a bunch of shapes and sizes to fit your space and keep your favorite bottles chilled to perfection.


The next consideration is purification. Unlike water, you can’t use a typical filtration method or you risk ruining the wine’s flavors. But why purify in the first place? According to Gabe the answer is simple: to remove sulfites. All wines contain sulfites, which act as a shelf-life preservative to keep wine from turning to vinegar. To get the purest “from the winemaker” taste, there are products like the Üllo Wine Purifier, which remove sulfites and sediments. Let’s be real, for all the calories, you might as well sip something that tastes amazing!


Finally, Gabe says that preservation is necessary for the ultimate vino experience. It’s especially helpful if you cook with wine so you can use what you need and store the rest for later. When you open a bottle, the liquid reacts with oxygen and doesn’t last long — but there are devices to help. One is the Coravin Model Two Wine System, which lets you leave the cork in (yes, you read that correctly!). Instead, it penetrates the cork with a needle, allowing you to pour through the cork without oxygen exposure.

See, you can have your wine and drink it too!


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