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Save On Nest Thermostats This Month

At Best Buy, we’re committed to offering products that help our customers reduce their carbon footprints while saving money on their utility bills.

For the average household, more than half of the energy used is for heating and cooling1. A great way to control, monitor and reduce energy used at home is by installing a smart thermostat.

To help our customers save energy and money, we’re partnering with Google to offer deals on Nest smart thermostats this month.

From now through May 31:

Save more with utility rebates

Many utility companies offer rebates for devices that help save energy. Rebates can range from $30-$100 for smart home products, so when you combine the rebate with this month’s offer, you can get an even better deal.   

Use Best Buy’s rebate finder to find rebates available in your area.

Save energy with Nest thermostats

As the first smart thermostat to become ENERGY STAR® certified, the Nest Learning Thermostat is engineered to learn your habits to heat and cool your home on a schedule so it knows the best time to save energy. Small daily adjustments can add up to big savings on your utility bill. In fact, a Nest thermostat can save 15% on cooling bills and 10%-12% on heating bills.

As we enter the summer months and higher cooling costs, now is a great time to control and monitor your energy with a smart thermostat — especially since we’re spending more time at home this year. You can easily track your daily energy usage in your monthly Nest Home Report email.

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