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Saving Trees One Box at a Time

Last year, Best Buy shipped more than 12 million packages to customers. That’s a lot of shipping boxes.

The cardboard we use is FSC-certified, meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests, but now we are using less of it. We recently “right-sized” our shipping boxes, which will save more than 440 tons of cardboard a year.

That means our customers are receiving packaging that is less wasteful. Our employees are experiencing a faster and easier packaging process. The company is seeing a reduction in costs associated with materials and labor. Smaller boxes mean more available space in trucks, bringing efficiencies to our shipping partners, as well.

The big winner, though, is the planet — the cardboard saved equals about 7,500 trees.

At Best Buy, this is how we do sustainability: We make small changes that are scaled across our organization to create a big impact.