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Seattle customer makes big St. Jude donation at Best Buy

A frequent customer amazed employees at a Seattle-area Best Buy this week by making a huge donation to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Thanks and Giving campaign.

On Tuesday, tech entrepreneur and businessman Dave Anastasi was buying gifts at the store in Issaquah, Washington, to donate to another organization. Then he decided to spread even more joy. Dave showed up the next day with a $25,000 check for St. Jude.

“Believe in miracles because they do happen,” Dave said. “They [the kids at St. Jude] deserve the treatment they are getting, they don’t deserve the situation they are in.”

It’s the largest one-time donation Best Buy has received for St. Jude. The store’s general manager, Scott Campbell, said he wasn’t surprised by Dave’s generosity.

“That’s just Dave, a caring guy who has been blessed and wants to help others,” Scott said.

Best Buy has been a St. Jude fundraising partner for six years. Our customers have generously donated more than $60 million during that time, including $20 million last year alone.

The money donated by customers like Dave helps further St. Jude’s mission to find a cure for cancer and other childhood diseases. St. Jude freely shares breakthroughs and treatments with doctors around the world, and patient families never pay a bill.


You can donate to St. Jude at your local Best Buy store or online at BestBuy.com.