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Study Smarter, Not Harder With These Tech Tips

Studying is studying whether you’re a second-grader or a second-year grad student. It’s sometimes boring and often time consuming, and for most students it’s an essential part of doing well in school.

But, it can be much easier.  

Agent Noelle St. Andrew, from Richfield, Minnesota, juggles work, her personal life and school. She has come up with some tips to help students of any age study smarter, not harder.

Here’s what she recommends.

‘Write’ it down

Writing things down has been shown to help you remember them better.

“Stylus-ready devices like the Surface Pro, iPad Pro, Spectre and Yoga allow you to use Windows Ink,” Noelle says. “You can be reading something then quickly stop to take notes. It even converts your notes to text.”

The devices are lightweight for students’ bags, too.  

“I’ve had my Yoga for five years. It’s so easy to transport,” she said.

Tune out distractions

Noelle struggled when she started her degree program. “When I tried to study, I was constantly having to tell my dog to be quiet or stop doing something,” she said. “It was distracting.”

Now, Noelle studies at a desk away from distractions. She also recommends wireless over-ear headphones by Bose, JBL or Sony, to tune out racket while keeping cords out of the way.

“Wireless headphones let you move up to 30 feet away from the device you’re playing music on,” Noelle says. “They’re great for when you need to get a snack from the kitchen.”

Ask for help

When you have a lot of studying to do, every minute counts. And voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo help save time.

“I use Google Home all the time,” Noelle says. “When I’m studying, I ask it simple questions and get quick answers. It’s pretty helpful.” 

Voice assistants also connect to smart devices to play music, set reminders (for that upcoming test!) and more.

Let there be light  

Bright, clean lighting helps maintain alertness, which is critical for studying. But natural lighting isn’t an option at night or in a windowless room.

“I use the Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit, which changes colors when I need it to,” Noelle says.

The cool, bright daylight setting is ideal for illuminating study spaces, while the warm, white setting relaxes eyes before bedtime.

Philips Hue lights also have adjustable brightness and can be controlled through a smart device or voice assistant, making them convenient to use.


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