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Sustainable Tech: Saving Money and Staying Cool with Air Conditioners

It’s summer, and it’s sizzling hot outside. After a long day at work, many of us just want to kick back at home, feeling the chill from our air conditioners.

But how do you make that happen?

You could go the traditional route and blast your air conditioner all day, wasting money, energy and cool air on an empty home. OR, you could opt for an energy efficient air conditioner that helps you save money and live more sustainably (and you won’t be sacrificing quality). Here are a few things to consider when shopping for sustainable air conditioners.

  • It’s all about timing
    Find AC units that have an integrated timer feature. Just punch in the time of day you come home from work and your house will be prepped and ready for you to relax in the cool.
  • Reach for the stars
    ENERGY STAR® that is. These energy efficient models can save you major bucks on your utility bill. In 2015, Best Buy® sold enough ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners to collectively save customers more than $1.3 million in annual energy costs.
  • Get connected
    Connected air conditioners can be turned on and off from anywhere through an app on your smartphone. So when you’re coming home late after a game, happy hour or yoga, connect to your air conditioner from afar to ensure you have a cool arrival.

Best Buy offers a variety of units with timers and that are ENERGY STAR certified. If you want to take it to the next level, check out the Frigidaire smart air conditioner – one of the few connected models on the market. This ENERGY STAR® certified air conditioner lets you set your comfort temperature – and it will turn off when it has achieved it, which means even more savings for you.

When shopping around for your new air conditioner, remember these three features so you can save energy and save money. Check out other sustainable products on BestBuy.com.