Academy Awards

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18 Feb: How to Plan a Star-Worthy Viewing Party

And the award goes to … my friends … for throwing the best annual Academy Awards® viewing party around.

That’s right, celebrities don’t have to be the only ones having all the fun on the big night. All you need is a little technology and a spark of creativity to create an enviable red carpet experience or partake in a 21st-century ballot competition.

Here are a few ways you can make a viewing party fun this year:

Watch the movies beforehand

Watching the awards show is much more enjoyable if you’ve seen the performances that are getting honored.

Academy Awards

15 Jan: Get Properly Prepared for the Academy Awards

Your mom won’t stop talking about it. Your boss won’t stop talking about it. Even that guy you met on Tinder won’t stop talking about it. The 87th Academy Awards are so close you can almost taste them.

Whether you caught cinema fever or you’re just in the mood for binge-watching great movies all weekend, Best Buy is here to help you get properly prepared for the biggest night in film as Oscar nominations were just announced today.

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