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21 Nov: Chicago employee thankful for newborn baby, Best Buy’s adoption support

November is National Adoption Month. By sharing stories and offering an array of benefits and resources, Best Buy is committed to supporting employees who are growing their families in this way. Content warning: This article discusses cancer and fertility struggles.

As Wesley and Julie Brazen snuggle their daughter, their faces radiate the joy of being new parents. Dakota Christine — named after Wesley’s late father, Chris — just turned three months old, and after being on a long path to parenthood, the parents are celebrating every milestone.


19 Nov: ‘I never thought I’d be a dad’: One family’s parenthood journey

Editor’s note: This story discusses miscarriage and fertility struggles.

It’s estimated that about 140,000 children are adopted by American families each year. In August, Best Buy employee Mike Mamula and his wife, Shay, became one of those families with the adoption of their first child, Bodhi.

“In a million years, I never thought I’d be a dad,” Mike said. “I thought I was going to end up being the fun uncle to all my best friends’ kids.”

For Mike and Shay, the road to parenthood was a long one.