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03 Oct: Store culture gives Massachusetts employee confidence to be himself

On his first day at a Massachusetts store, Ray’s leaders told him their priority was for him to feel safe and comfortable at work so he can be his fullest self.

While simple, the statement meant a lot to the sales advisor. As a gay man who has autism, there have been multiple situations throughout his life where Ray has had to hide or hold back part of who he is. This immediate affirmation from his leaders gave Ray courage to ask for accommodations and talk openly about his background.


21 Dec: Boy’s dream of wearing a blue shirt comes true at Omaha Best Buy

Some kids want to be astronauts. Others want to be rock stars. But for one 11-year-old from Santiago, Chile, working for Best Buy is his ultimate wish.

When Daniel Hoyt, general manager of Best Buy’s East Omaha store, learned about Ethan’s dream from Ethan’s grandmother, Beverly, he was surprised.

“It was a little bit new for me,” Daniel said. “But I remember having a personal connection to Best Buy when I was young, too. I loved shopping for music here. So I get why it’s special.”