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27 Apr: Spring Cleaning the Smarter Way

Time to rejoice – spring has sprung. And while showers and flowers are great, the real champion of the season is cleaning.  

It’s so gratifying to open the windows and doors and wash away the winter. And with a little help from technology, you can get more spotless satisfaction for less elbow grease.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite products that will practically do your spring cleaning for you.

Tidy floors – there’s an app for that

Maintain seriously clean floors with seriously little effort with the iRobot Roomba 890.

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29 Nov: Holiday Cleaning Tips, Courtesy of a Dyson Engineer

So you plan to host friends and family at your home during the holidays.

Getting the right decorations, entertainment options and menus in place ahead of time is key. And so is your cleaning plan. Preparing for clean-up now will save stress later, says Dyson engineer Rob Green.

Dyson, a tech leader in all things cleaning, from vacuums to air purifiers, has four tidying-up tips before you welcome guests into your home.

Rob dishes the dirt on keeping things clean:

What part of the house is the most common to forget to clean?