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12 Dec: Technology Keeps Us Connected, Especially at Holidays

When Friday evening arrives, Rusty Lutz knows it’s going to be a great night. With his iPad in hand, he waits for a virtual tradition to begin: a video chat with his granddaughters, who live twelve time zones away.

“Their Saturday morning is pancake weekend, so they make the pancakes and throw in lots of chocolate chips,” he said. “We get to watch them put the ingredients in a bowl and stir them.”

That weekly connection means a lot to Rusty and his wife, because they live in Maryland and their granddaughters live almost 10,000 miles away in Singapore.


30 Oct: See How ‘Connected Home’ Products Alleviate Everyday Frustrations

Although the “Connected Home” space can be a little intimidating for those of us who aren’t self-proclaimed tech gurus, these products are designed to simplify your everyday life.

Keeping that in mind, Best Buy has started rolling out Connected Home sections to more than 400 stores across the country so that customers are able to see some of this exciting new technology in action. All of the stores will be completed in time for holiday shopping.

But before you head to your local store to play with the hands-on demos, here’s a heads up on a few of the high-tech products and associated features that can make your life easier and provide peace of mind:

Home Automation:

  • Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat – This thermostat is equipped with geofencing technology where your thermostat will turn off when you leave your home and turn back on once you’re within a five mile radius
  • Nest smart thermostat – This thermostat learns your habits and patterns to accommodate your lifestyle while also saving energy and money in the process.