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29 Oct: California Blue Shirt’s motivated mentality drives success

Anthony “Ryan” Brash has only been with Best Buy for about a year. But considering his outstanding customer service and the recognition he has received from leaders, you’d think he’s been wearing a blue shirt for much longer.

His store in Menifee, California, has a tight-knit crew, and it’s driven by a culture to go above and beyond. Ryan’s leaders can see he has a natural knack for bringing that culture to life every day.

“He has a great attitude, he’s a team player, he works anywhere he’s needed, and he has rock star [sales] numbers,” General Manager Jeffery King said.


03 Dec: Employees save the day after woman returned wrong laptop

The customer was in tears when she first called the Best Buy customer service number.

She had traded in a laptop at her local store in San Diego, only to realize a month later that she had handed over the wrong device — one her grandma had given her as a gift. She was devastated.

The woman returned to the store, but the laptop was no longer there. So, she called Best Buy’s corporate office in a last-ditch effort to find it.


02 Sep: Geek Squad Manager Helps WWII Vet Get Reconnected

Kelvin Tolston lives every day like it could be his last because one day it almost was.

He was hit by a drunk driver 10 years ago, and the wreck almost cost him his life. He was put in a medically induced coma and lost sight in his right eye.

For Kelvin, every moment matters — and the Geek Squad manager brings that philosophy to how he treats customers, too.

“I’ve been through times I needed people to do stuff for me I couldn’t do for myself,” he said.

Dad and Me

10 Jan: Hearing his late father’s voice again, in a Best Buy store

Just a few days into 2019, one customer says Best Buy has already made his year by saving something he couldn’t replace: his late father’s voice.

Halidor Arkellsson is a longtime Best Buy customer whose father’s confusion about voicemail turned out to be a gift he treasured.

His father, Dale, liked that answering machines allowed him to talk until someone heard him and picked up the phone to continue the conversation. But when phone technology evolved to software-based voicemail and took away that interactive feature, Halidor’s dad didn’t immediately convert along with it.


02 Dec: ‘BlueAssist’ Puts Best Buy’s Expert Service in the Palm of Your Hand

Need help choosing between two TVs? Wondering whether the latest smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone? Want to check the status of a recent order?

Now you can get help on all of that and more with BlueAssist, a new live-chat feature within the Best Buy mobile app. With the simple touch of a button or shake of the phone (while the app is running), you can get expert service right in the palm of your hand.

pm_iphonepm_iphone“Previously, if you had a question or needed advice while browsing our mobile app, you were left with two options: call or email.