Nintendo World Championships

09 Oct: Best Buy Qualifier Wins Nintendo World Championships

Besting 23 opponents in games of the past and present, Thomas “Ito” Gonda of California won the Nintendo World Championships over the weekend in New York City.

Thomas — a 21-year-old computer science student at San Diego State University — unseated defending champion John “Numbers” Goldberg during a best-of-three final series of Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch console.

The victory ended his status as a lifelong runner-up, Thomas said.

The Nintendo World Championships, held Oct. 7, featured head-to-head competition on games like Mario Party 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Best Buy E3 Blue Shirts

08 Jun: Ready for E3? Best Buy Gaming Experts Are. Here’s What to Watch for.

The video game world will call Los Angeles home next week for E3, the annual expo that draws more than 50,000 people to see all the best that’s about to become reality in gaming.

From virtual reality to the year’s biggest new games, there’s plenty of hype to follow (in addition to checking out

But what are Best Buy’s resident gaming experts most excited for? We’re glad you asked.


David Poole from the Pleasant Hill, California, store

Proof he’s a true gamer:

500 – Number of physical games he owns, in addition to every single piece of Nintendo hardware ever created.