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09 May: Geek Squad Agents Save Choking Man at Minnesota Hotel

After wrapping up a busy day of meetings at the Best Buy headquarters on Tuesday, a group of Geek Squad Autotechs from across the country returned to their hotel to relax. Little did they know they were about to save a man’s life.

Ethan Kimmel of Portland, Oregon, and Nick Potter of Naples, Florida, were hanging out in the bar area, talking to some fellow Geek Squad Agents, when someone in the group pointed out what he thought was a man assaulting an older man about 20 yards away.

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22 Dec: Geek Squad Heroes Reunite With Woman They Saved


As soon as Geek Squad Agents Thomas Willis and Lucas Wilt entered the hospital room, the woman’s face lit up with excitement.

“My heroes!” she exclaimed. Then she asked for a hug, and the Agents were more than happy to oblige.

The last time they saw one another, the Agents were saving the woman from a fiery crash on the back roads of southwestern Virginia. She was badly injured and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Now, she’s expected to make a full recovery.

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24 Oct: Oh Babies! Agent Adjusts to Life as Father of Quadruplets

At first, Geek Squad Agent Joe Odom and his partner, Danielle Thrasher, were thrilled that they were going to have a baby.

Then they had an ultrasound, and it looked like Danielle might be carrying two babies.

“She said, ‘We’re having twins, I told you,’” Joe says. “I said: “No we’re not. Calm down honey, we’re going to have a baby.’”

At the next ultrasound a week later, things had changed. “They said, ‘yep, you’re going to have triplets,’” Joe says.

Spoiler alert: They had quadruplets — all girls.

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15 Apr: The Bond Between an Agent and a Geekmobile

Geek Squad Agent Richard Hart got to know his Geekmobile really well. After all, they drove nearly 95,000 miles together.

Agent Hart and his Geek Squad colleagues across the country drive to 13,000 house calls a day to help customers learn about and enjoy technology. And, over the years, the Geekmobile has become a highly recognizable symbol of Geek Squad’s reliability, trustworthiness and tech expertise.

With Best Buy announcing the selection of the Toyota Prius c as the new Geekmobile vehicle earlier this week, it seems like a fitting time to reflect on the bond between Agents and their cars.