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12 Apr: A Year of Hybrid Happiness with the Eco-Geekmobile

A year ago, Best Buy announced the transition of the classic Geekmobile to the hybrid Toyota Prius c.

Geek Squad Agents spend a lot of time in their “mobile offices” bringing tech support to customers at home. And when it comes to technology, these gadget gurus are not always the easiest to impress.

We caught up with Agent Richard Hart, who spent six years and 95,000 miles with his previous Geekmobile and was among the first to drive one of the new hybrid ones, to get his opinion.

Von Miller

14 Jul: Deputy Agent Von Miller Tackles More Geek Squad House Calls

Super Bowl MVP, self-professed geek and current ESPN Magazine cover model Von Miller dusted off his Deputy Agent uniform and returned to assist Agent Jay Lisby on some client house calls yesterday in Los Angeles. Von, who was deputized as an Agent back in April during the launch of the new Geekmobile, took time out of his busy awards show schedule this week to help out the Squad:


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15 Apr: The Bond Between an Agent and a Geekmobile

Geek Squad Agent Richard Hart got to know his Geekmobile really well. After all, they drove nearly 95,000 miles together.

Agent Hart and his Geek Squad colleagues across the country drive to 13,000 house calls a day to help customers learn about and enjoy technology. And, over the years, the Geekmobile has become a highly recognizable symbol of Geek Squad’s reliability, trustworthiness and tech expertise.

With Best Buy announcing the selection of the Toyota Prius c as the new Geekmobile vehicle earlier this week, it seems like a fitting time to reflect on the bond between Agents and their cars.

Von in Geekmobile

12 Apr: #SquadGoals: Von Miller Becomes an Agent

Von Miller is a Super Bowl MVP, dancing phenom, self-proclaimed nerd and now… an official Geek.

The pro football star filled out a Geek Squad job app Sunday night and, true to Geek Squad tradition was deputized in record time by Geek Squad Chief Inspector Nate Bauer Monday morning. With that came a nifty new badge. (It usually takes 18 months for agents to earn one.)

No doubt excited, Von took to social media to show it off.


Best Buy-Geek Squad

11 Apr: Best Buy’s Geek Squad Rolls Out New Geekmobile, Updated Logo

With a brand new ride and refreshed logo, Geek Squad is all revved up for the road ahead.

Best Buy announced today the dispatch of nearly 1,000 Toyota Prius c hybrids nationwide to serve as our new Geekmobile vehicles. The new Geekmobile, boldly bearing the updated logo, better reflects today’s new Geek Squad — the nationwide tech-support task force that is continually expanding its services to keep pace with ever-changing technology.

When Geek Squad began more than 20 years ago, it was a small, local business dedicated solely to repairing personal computers.

Best Buy-Geek Squad

11 Apr: The History of the Geekmobile

Geek Squad started in 1994 with $200, a cellphone and a bike. The bike eventually gave way to a car — the iconic Geekmobile.

From pistachio-green to black-and-white, the Geekmobile has always played a key role in building the Geek Squad brand. The new Geekmobile, a Toyota Prius c, continues that tradition with its sleek design and a bigger, bolder Geek Squad logo.

Geek Squad Agents make more than 5 million house calls a year to make consumer electronics and appliances work the way people want.


11 Apr: A Closer Look at the New Prius c Geekmobile

As technology evolves, so too must Geek Squad and its iconic Geekmobile.

We started out helping customers with their home computers and driving classic cars to get there. But now we help optimize home theater systems, create fast and secure home networks, and harness the power of the Internet of Things with smart home products.

So it’s only fitting that we have a new Geekmobile that is itself innovative — the Toyota Prius c hybrid, adapted with a custom toolkit to help Agents perform that growing range of in-home services.