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06 Apr: 5 Tips For Optimizing Your Home Wi-Fi

We’ve all experienced the frustrations of slow, unreliable internet. There are the buffering videos, the slow-to-load websites and the Wi-Fi dead zones.

For many of us, our daily lives revolve around the internet and our connected devices. And that’s even more true since the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I’m relying on my Wi-Fi to help me work, connect with people and stream lots of shows,” said Geek Squad Agent Derek Meister, who is also working from home right now. “So, I need my internet speeds to be on point.”

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28 Dec: The Not-Very-Exciting (But Very Necessary) Gadget You Need? A Great Router

A 4K TV, gaming console, tablet and a whole bunch of new smart home gadgets. It was a tech-cellent holiday at your house this year!

But, wait. Why’s your Wi-Fi running so slow? And why can’t you get everything to connect?

The excitement can quickly turn to frustration if your home network can’t support those new — and existing – devices.

A premium router might not have been at the top of your family’s wish list, but it’s essential for keeping those other new devices connected to the internet and running smoothly.

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14 Sep: A Morning on the Job With Geek Squad and a Modem

The year is 2007. I’m hitching a ride in a Geek Squad home theater install van and we’re going fishing.

For wires, that is.

We’re fishing up, down and behind walls in the process of installing speakers at a client’s home. Spools of speaker wire slowly turn as the Agents painstakingly make his home theater system come to life by connecting the TV, receiver, speakers, gaming components and DVD player.

Jump to last week, and my experience tagging along with a Geek Squad Agent in 2016 was as different as the music on the radio.

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22 Jan: Get Your Home’s Wireless Network Up to Speed

Everything is connected to the internet today; it’s called the Internet of Things for a reason, right? The average American household has at least eight devices connected to the home wireless network.

[callout]Check out this Geek Squad video
about upgrading your home network.
Learn more by reading Best Buy’s
home networking buyer’s guide. [/callout]Being so connected is great, but when you have that many devices under one roof working at the same time, it bogs down the Wi-Fi.

And a bogged-down network only means one thing: buffering.