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16 Apr: Video: Best Buy and HP are Closing the Loop on Printers

We’ve teamed up with HP to take recycling one step further — by creating new printers made of plastic from old printers and other electronics from our recycling program. It’s called closed-loop recycling.

We’re excited to announce that the HP ENVY 6255, 7155 and 7855 now contain even more recycled plastic (more than 20 percent by weight). Watch this video to learn more.


Best Buy - closed-loop

25 Sep: ‘Closed-Loop’ Recycled Printer Now Available at Best Buy

In the environmental world, “closed-loop” is the new gold standard, and we’re excited to be on the forefront for the consumer electronics industry.

Now on shelves at Best Buy, the new HP ENVY Photo 6200, 7100 and 7800 are the world’s first-in-class printers made with recycled plastic from the closed-loop process – more than 10 percent by weight.1 Plastic from printers that our customers recycle at Best Buy is shredded, melted and put directly back into the manufacturing of these new printers.